Did You Know?

In 2017 a Business District Improvement Tax was created.

This tax has allowed additional revenues to be collected to help improve the 
Downtown Nokomis Business District in order to create new development, commercial growth and community interest.

When busineses in Nokomis are successful, the city benefits by receiving more sales tax revenue.

Business District Sales Tax Explained

The Business District Development and Redevelopment Law authorizes a municipality to impose a tax designed to fund the development or redevelopment of certain designated areas within a municipality.


Downtown District Grants

Business Development District (BDD) Program (Illinois Statue)

Nokomis City Hall

Mayor: Dylan Goldsmith

Commissioner: Michael Glenn

Commissioner: Louis Stauder

Commissioner: Trish Morris

Commissioner: Scott Arkebauer

22 S Cedar St, Nokomis, IL 62075
Hours: 8 AM-4 PM - M-F
(217) 563-2514

Nokomis School District

Nokomis CUSD 22
511 Oberle St.
Nokomis, IL 62075
(217) 563-7311


Nokomis Police Dept.
Talon Burton - Chief of Police

22 S Cedar St, Nokomis, IL 62075

(217) 563-2141